Kamenstein Spice Rack

stylish elegance in the kitchen

Kamenstein has a quality spice rack to fit your style. From stainless steel and that chromed look to beautifully finished wood, Kamenstein has the best looking spice racks available. Kamenstein spice racks are beautifully elegant and simply functional.

New spice racks may arrive empty. Learn about the spices that can fill those spice jars.

Kamenstein has beautiful lines in their kitchen designs. The looks of steel, chrome, wire mesh and beautifully finished wood can complement any kitchen decor.

What would our culinary world be like without spices? Pretty bland and boring, if you ask me! Spices give flavors and aromas to our food and they're colorful, too. That makes the foods we eat more appetizing.

Revolving Rack 16 Filled Jars

Not many spice racks come with jars that are filled with spices!

Whether you keep salt and pepper at your table or something a little spicier, like cayenne pepper or paprika, it's probably in a shaker or other small vessel.

Spice jars are used the world over to keep spices, and herbs, fresh for longer. High temperatures, humidity and light are all enemies of the freshness of foods, including spices and herbs, and spice jars are best if they limit those.


Revolving Kamenstein Spice Racks

16-Jar Stainless-Steel Spice Tower Comes with 16 pre-filled jars of these spices and herbs: basil, bay leaves, caraway seed, celery salt, coriander, crushed mint, dill weed, Italian seasoning, marjoram, mustard seed, oregano, parsley, pizza seasoning, rosemary, savory and thyme.


Magnetic Kamenstein Spice Racks

6-Canister Magnetic-Strip Spice Rack Stick them on the side of your refrigerator!

12 Tin Magnetic Spice Rack

5-Canister Magnetic-Strip Spice Rack

These magnetic canisters make great holders for crafts and other supplies as well as herbs and spices.